A Day in Bruge

Friday, September 22, 2017

Part of my time in Europe was spent in Bruge. Bruge is a small fishing city in Belgium. Its canal lined cobbled streets make it a perfect city for a spare day in Europe. My cousin and I were planning to go Amsterdam via train, so we figured "Why not stop in Belgium for lunch?" That quickly turned in to lets stay for the day, which of course meant were staying the night in Bruge. 

When we arrived to the hotel, I was so shocked by how quiet the city seemed. Maybe it was because it was mid-morning, or because it was going to rain, but as the day progressed the city grew more and more active. There was so much to see. There was a shop on every corner. 

As we set off in the city we found a bus tour for about 20 euros a person. We thought, "Why not?" and we hopped aboard. It was a 50 minute audio tour while the quirky driver navigated his way through the narrow streets and over the canals. We learned about the history of the city and its roots in chocolate, lace and its main export diamonds. Who knew so much would be packed in the this old city? What I also loved, was that there were swans everywhere! How beautiful, right? Legend has it that the swans were put there as punishment for eternity by Maximilian of Austria. Now to the people of Bruge, the idea of not having swans is considered ludicrous. 

As the day went on we met up with some friends of my cousin and they became our tour guides. We ate at wonderful restaurants, drank great beers, and of course stopped for waffles, chocolate, and candy! I was not about to leave this country without getting a waffle and chocolate! 

There was so much to see in the little city and I was a little bummed I didn't get to spend more time there. But this just means I have a totally legitimate reason to go back! 

Here is a list of the restaurants we dinned at while in Bruge. 
P.S. Did you know fries were created in Belgium and not France? I didn't! 

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