Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My Time in Amsterdam

Tunic: Eileen Fisher//Shorts: GlamEnvy//Sneakers: Dr Scholl's//Sunglasses: PERVERSE//Watch: Michael Kors//Handbag: JustFab

The last stop on my European vacation this summer was Amsterdam-the land of windmills and dairies. It is also the land amazing artwork. I had done some research prior to my trip and I found that Amsterdam has a lot street art, so I was on a mission to find some really cool pieces. I guess I should have assumed the city where the Van Gogh Museum is located would have really cool artwork. Even the architecture was funky. There was a mixture of modern with old world buildings that were beautiful. Everything in Amsterdam seemed so progressive and modern. I loved it! 

Just like we did in the previous city, we hit the town as soon as we dropped off our bags. We headed over to the 'I Amsterdam' sign to get the obligatory tourist picture and then wondered around the city. We walked up and down the streets admiring the laid back behaviors of the people. The locals were sitting in cafes drinking coffee, sitting in coffee shops having a....well you know what I mean (WINK WINK), and shopping in the local boutiques. There never seemed to be a rush. Unless, you crossed the path of someone on a bike. Bicycles are the main method of transportation in Amsterdam. When it came to the order of who ran the road, it was bicycles, cars, then pedestrians! We had to look alive and twice before we crossed the street! I was not about to loose my life or a limb because I failed to look both ways. 

I was surprised to see how international the city was. Honestly, I was expecting to see dutch people walking around in wooden shoes...LOL. There was so many different cultures and people from all over the world. Amsterdam is definitely a worldwide melting pot. 

On our second day in Amsterdam we took a bicycle tour around the city and into the countryside. It was stunning. There were open fields, cows and pigs meandering throughout the pastures, a windmill, and so many happy people. Each time we passed the locals while on our bicycle tour they all waved "Hello". Ok, so you know you're not in L.A. when locals waive at tourists! We even stopped at local countryside cafe and grabbed a bite to eat and a beer. Side note-the dutch make a Rosé beer! Umm... YES PLEASE! It was delicious! 

On our final day we took a canal tour  of the city. (I know I know another tour, but don't judge me... I love a tour!) It was beautiful. Amsterdam has so much history and to think that these canals have been there since the beginning was amazing. We also visited the Anne Frank house which was humbling. Getting to walk through the 'bookshelf' and see how these families survived was definitely a reminder of how precious life is and of how much we take granted. 

I now understand the pull Amsterdam has on the masses. The city has a an describable energy that takes over you when you're there. You feel like you're walking around in an alternate universe where everyone is so nice and open minded. This city is definitely a must see on your next European vacation. 

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