My T-Shirt Journey

Monday, July 24, 2017

Top: Lucky Brand//Jeans: Old Navy//Booties: Franco Sarto//Handbag: JustFab
Earrings: Banana Republic//Necklace: Old//Watch: Michael Kors

I am not the t-shirt girl. If you were to look in my closet you would see maybe five t-shirts. So when I saw this t-shirt at Lucky Brand I was intrigued. It is not your typical t-shirt. The cut-outs in the neckline make it stand out. Not to mention graphic representing the band Journey on the front! Hello? Who doesn't love Journey?! 

I knew this would be perfect for weekends and easy to dress up with booties or dress down with sneakers. So after trying it on twice in the store, and my co-worker highly encouraging me, I was sold! It is the perfect fun, super soft, and incredibly cute non t-shirt I have ever worn! 


Simple Independence

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Jeans: Old Navy//Sneakers: Nike//T-Shirt: Lace N Leopard
Watch: Michael Kors//Earrings: Banana Republic

Every year when the 4th of July comes around we grab our BBQs and swimsuits and use this time to celebrate by the local water feature or in someone's backyard. We spend time with our friends and family hopefully with our hearts filled with gratitude for our freedoms.

When I think of what I will be wearing this 4th of July my mind goes straight to jeans and a t-shirt. What screams Americana more than your favorite pair of jeans, a simple sassy t-shirt, and a comfy pair of sneakers?? And, when you find those sneakers in red...well then there is no going back!

Sometimes I feel like I need to be over the top and glamorous in everything I do. I have to remind myself that there is plenty of glamour in the simple pieces I wear. This Independence Day find the simple pieces in your closet and wear them to your BBQs and pool parties. Consider it a day of freedom to embrace who you are-Simply Glamorous!

I hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day. Happy 4th of July!


In the Navy

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Jumpsuit: Debshops//Heels: JustFab//Handbag: JustFab//Aviators: LOFT //Watch: Michael Kors

As much as I love clothes, I struggle sometimes in the morning when I need to get dressed for work. When I know I will have an audience for the day (or the week) I know I need to be mindful of what I have on. I need to look professional, however I can't help to add a touch of style because it's so much a part of who I am. I also need to take into consideration how I will maneuver around a room, still be comfortable, and not get too hot!

Okay okay so this is the billionth jumpsuit you've seen me post, but when it comes to getting dressed for work jumpsuits make my life SUPER DUPER easy! I don't know about you all, but I like to hug my sheets and pillows as long as I can in the morning. Think about those days when your alarm goes off and you lie there thinking to yourself, "What day is it?" or "Do I really have to get up?". These are the days when a great jumpsuit will be your best friend. Climb into it and go! 

This jumpsuit specifically is great because not only is the color appropriate for the office, but the crochet detail gives the piece a very fun and summery feel.

When you have to get dressed for work think about what you can easily pull on and will make you look and feel fabulous. 


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