New Year in a Blue Dress

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Dress: Rebdolls//Pumps: Sam Edelman//Handbag: JustFab (old)
Earrings: Loren Hope//Watch: Michael Kors

Now that we are a few days into 2018 I feel like I should really think about what I want this year to look like.  I mentioned in my last post, that I am not one to make resolutions but I am one to manifest what I want my life to be.

In 2017 I was definitely more selfish with my time than before. I was very comfortable telling people "No" when I wasn't interested in something. Whether it was my time, my money, or my space, I didn't hesitate. What I realized (in small moments of negativity) was that I was unhappy with certain parts of my life. Finally towards the end of the year I took a chance on myself and started applying for new jobs. And, by the grace of God and a lot of hard work I was hired at a new company. I couldn't be happier. I took a  chance on myself. I stopped letting the voices of others control my thoughts and I realized that I was very capable of doing more. Now I feel more inclined to be around people and do more. Especially in my city! The job change made me realize that in almost seven years that I have been living here in L.A. that I haven't seen much. My previous job had me traveling often, which was great, but I missed the beauty and the excitement in this city I call home. So I started exploring again. I started creating new adventures that I would not have had the time to do before. The small chance I took on myself opened a door to possibilities that I wasn't able to see before.

I also realized I was consuming so much in 2017. I bought so much stuff. A lot of which I didn't need. After looking at my life and really thinking about where I want my journey to take me, I realized my constant need to consume so much was a huge roadblock to my dream. It was also a band aid to feeling down on myself. We have all been there right? "I don't feel good...let's eat!" or my favorite, "I am feeling lonely...Is Banana Republic having a sale?!" In the end my belly was full and I had a some new clothes.

After listening to a great sermon at my church and talking with a trusted friend, I realized I need to realign my priorities. I need to focus on where I want my life to go and stop trying to fill voids that I have no control over. In the coming months I am refocusing on my goals. I have always had an idea of what I wanted my life to look like, but somewhere along the line I stopped my manifestation due to lack of focus. Well, I am focused now.

OK so lets talk about this dress. Yet again, Rebdolls has added something to their line that I can wear for both work and play! I love this dress because it is super feminine. The ruffled sleeves give the dress a softness and the high waistline show off the waist and extenuate my curves. Who wouldn't love this dress?! I wore this dress to work and I received a few compliments. I guess I'm starting the year off with a win!


Eloquii: Sparkle and Glam

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dress: Eloquii//Heels:Sam Edelman//Watch: Michael Kors//Earrings: Banana Republic

Every December I take time to reflect on what the last year has taught me. I think about the lessons I've learned and how I'm going to use that new insight for the coming year. I don't like to make resolutions because it's too easy to put them off or just not complete them at all. So, in 2018 I plan to keep pushing. Keep hustling towards my personal and professional goals. I have an expectation of how I want to live my life and I am going to keep pushing towards that goal. 

Now, lets talk about this dress! When I think of NYE I think about sparkle and glam. Anything that's filled with glitter and sequins on a regular day I love, so when you give me a day that's dedicated to sparkle, shimmer, and shine I'm in heaven! 

I found this dress as  Eloquii. This was my first time ordering from  Eloquiiso I was cautious about the purchase. I've heard great things about  Eloquii from my fellow bloggers so I took a chance and I'm glad I did. Although, I'd suggest that you size up. The fit wasn't exactly true to size, so the dress was tighter around my hips than I would prefer. However, the high quality of the fabric and stitching made up for my minor sizing issue. This dress will definitely be a piece I wear to parties and events to show off my curves and my simple glam style.


Gifts for Your Special Guy

Monday, December 4, 2017

Jeans: Old Navy//Bomber Jacket: Forever21

Finding gifts for the special guy in your life can be tough, right? Unless your special guy is choosing what game to watch or what to eat, choosing a gift that he will enjoy can be rough. 

Personally I like when a man is well groomed and put together! Here are some great gift ideas that will help your man stay organized and well groomed! 

Happy Shopping! 



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