To Shape or Not to Shape

Sunday, January 12, 2014

As a girl who is larger than your average L.A. girl or larger than your average California Girl, I live and die for really good shapewear! There are so many choices. From your favorite brands, to the areas you would like to smooth out, and now actual shapewear clothing! A lot of shapewear designers are making garments that have the DNA of your favorite shapewear, but you are able to wear them with your favorite outfits!

Most recently, I have discovered an AMAZING pair of leggings by yummie tummie by Heather Thomson. As the Glamazon that I am, they are long enough to come all the way down to my ankles and they hold in EVERYTHING in!! I had been looking for a good pair of leggings for months and I found them!

I found my pair at Nordstrom and they were on sale for 29.97! WOO HOO! Regularly they retail for 49.50, so I was super excited to get them on sale. I am planning on wearing them for the rest of winter with boots and dresses that are too short to wear as a dress, and tops that are long enough to be a dresses. ;-)

On my shopping excursion I also discovered Skinnygirl Smoothers n' Shapers. I had a party coming up and I needed something that was going to smooth out my mid-section, but I was tired of wearing my regular shapewear. I wanted something that was going to focus mainly on my mid-section and not necessarily my thighs. I was in the mood to show off my curves and extenuate my small waist. Here is what I found. They are great because I don’t have to worry panty lines, plus I get the smoothing coverage in my waist I was looking for!

Here is a list of some of my favorite shapewear brands:

Try out as many brands as you can until you find what works best for you! There are so many choices and so many different styles to choose from. Happy Shaping!

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