Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prepping For Winter

Soon I will be traveling to Chicago to visit one of my dearest friends! WOO HOO I am so excited! I have never experienced a true winter, so I am slightly frightened that I will freeze!

I asked my friend to send me a list of pieces she thinks this SoCal Glamazon will need in order to not freeze her butt off! Here is what she came up with!

Today I purchased a pair CuddlDuds (ON SALE NOW!)  from Khols and I love them! They will be perfect to wear under my jeans and leggings when I am in the snow! I also picked up this great blue coat from Old Navy (ON SALE NOW!) that I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with!

I don't nearly have enough true winter pieces for the trip, so to my glamazons who live in the snow, what else will I need (panic voice!)? Help Please!


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  1. Love these picks! That pink hat is too cute!



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