Saturday, December 30, 2017

Eloquii: Sparkle and Glam

Dress: Eloquii//Heels:Sam Edelman//Watch: Michael Kors//Earrings: Banana Republic

Every December I take time to reflect on what the last year has taught me. I think about the lessons I've learned and how I'm going to use that new insight for the coming year. I don't like to make resolutions because it's too easy to put them off or just not complete them at all. So, in 2018 I plan to keep pushing. Keep hustling towards my personal and professional goals. I have an expectation of how I want to live my life and I am going to keep pushing towards that goal. 

Now, lets talk about this dress! When I think of NYE I think about sparkle and glam. Anything that's filled with glitter and sequins on a regular day I love, so when you give me a day that's dedicated to sparkle, shimmer, and shine I'm in heaven! 

I found this dress as  Eloquii. This was my first time ordering from  Eloquiiso I was cautious about the purchase. I've heard great things about  Eloquii from my fellow bloggers so I took a chance and I'm glad I did. Although, I'd suggest that you size up. The fit wasn't exactly true to size, so the dress was tighter around my hips than I would prefer. However, the high quality of the fabric and stitching made up for my minor sizing issue. This dress will definitely be a piece I wear to parties and events to show off my curves and my simple glam style.


Monday, December 4, 2017

Gifts for Your Special Guy

Jeans: Old Navy//Bomber Jacket: Forever21

Finding gifts for the special guy in your life can be tough, right? Unless your special guy is choosing what game to watch or what to eat, choosing a gift that he will enjoy can be rough. 

Personally I like when a man is well groomed and put together! Here are some great gift ideas that will help your man stay organized and well groomed! 

Happy Shopping! 



Sunday, December 3, 2017

Girlfriends Gift Exchange

Every year I struggle with what to get my girlfriends for Christmas. We've known each other for years and years, so you would think gift giving would be a breeze! NOPE! It never its. I go back and forth with decisions. Should I get something sentimental? Or should I get something fun that they could use daily? I never know. So this year I decided to share some ides of what is on my list for gift ideas for my best girlfriends.


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