Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wholeme Clusters

Last year a friend told me about an eating plan called Whole30. I hate to call it a diet because it really wasn't. I didn't deprive myself of anything. I didn't focus on portions or what time I was eating. All I had to do was make sure I ate foods that were on the Whole30 list. EASY PEASY. No sugar, no dairy, no grains, and no legumes. I loved it because I could eat all the foods I loved still. Meat, fruit and vegetables.  The goal is to make sure you are eating whole foods. No replacements either! 

The benefit of Whole30 is that is an anti-inflammatory eating plan. I saw my skin, hair, nails, and body all change just by what I was eating. I suffer from really bad sinus infections and after doing two weeks of Whole30 my sinus headaches went away. I even saw my bad dandruff clear up while doing Whole30. 

I'll be honest and say I struggled a little because there were times when I felt like I needed something sweet. That's why I am so glad I discovered these delicious snacks from Wholeme!   I recently discovered these sweet treats and they're so good! Super tasty and almost Whole30 compliant. Very little sugar, no dairy, and especially no grains! These are perfect for your transition back into regular foods. 

There are four flavors. Each has something different and special so I figured I would share with you how I like to eat each of the different clusters. 

The Lemon Berry Chia is light and fresh. They're perfect for an afternoon pick me up. I shared them with some friends and they all agreed that these clusters were perfect for those moments when you need a little something to get you through the day. Now add a cup of tea and you're all set! 

The Almond Coconut was delicious with fruit! I am always on the go and looking for something that I can grab on the way out of the door. These are perfect for breakfast on the go. Throw some fruit, a little yogurt, and these babies in a bowl and you are on your way.

Salted Peanut Chocolate..I'll repeat...SALTED. PEANUT. CHOCOLATE. Yes that's correct! Who doesn't love peanut butter? Who doesn't love chocolate? Now sprinkle a little salt on it to tie it all together and you got a deal. These are the perfect snack with an evening espresso. 
OK the Cinnamon Banana are my absolute favorite!  Now don't get me wrong the others are wonderful too, but there is something about cinnamon that's just so good! I had these for breakfast with bananas and kiwi but I really didn't need anything with them at all. They are just THAT GOOD! 

So here's what I think. You all need to run out to the grocery store and grab a few packs of Wholeme Clusters and start keeping them in your pantries, your desk and even your car! These are healthly snacks that will hit the spot when need a little sweetness to put you over. 


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hunting Season

Dress: c/o REBDOLLS//Pumps: Calvin Klein//Necklace: old//Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: Banana Republic

Not to be mean, but thank goodness it's not super cold in LA right now. The Midwest and Eastcoast are going through a super snow storm, and I am not sure I would handle it well. I keep seeing posts on social media about 39 degree or 20 degree weather. OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS COLD! I am the girl who runs her heater in the spring and summer at night because it's too cold, so anything less than 55 degrees is super chilly. I don't do very well in cold temps. The good news is that I'm able to wear this dress and not freeze my butt off! 

I've been working hard and pushing myself in my spin classes, so putting this dress on and feeling great was wonderful. Sometimes I forget who I am and allow myself to get caught up in ridiculous feelings about something I have absolutely no control over. Thank God that didn't last 

This dress is called 'Huntress'. How perfect right? It's crazy how the name of a dress can completely embody how it makes you feel when you have it on. It was almost as if a wave came over me when I pulled it over my head... silly I know, but very true. Looks like I found another great dress for date night. Let the hunting begin! 



Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year in a Blue Dress

Dress: Rebdolls//Pumps: Sam Edelman//Handbag: JustFab (old)
Earrings: Loren Hope//Watch: Michael Kors

Now that we are a few days into 2018 I feel like I should really think about what I want this year to look like.  I mentioned in my last post, that I am not one to make resolutions but I am one to manifest what I want my life to be.

In 2017 I was definitely more selfish with my time than before. I was very comfortable telling people "No" when I wasn't interested in something. Whether it was my time, my money, or my space, I didn't hesitate. What I realized (in small moments of negativity) was that I was unhappy with certain parts of my life. Finally towards the end of the year I took a chance on myself and started applying for new jobs. And, by the grace of God and a lot of hard work I was hired at a new company. I couldn't be happier. I took a  chance on myself. I stopped letting the voices of others control my thoughts and I realized that I was very capable of doing more. Now I feel more inclined to be around people and do more. Especially in my city! The job change made me realize that in almost seven years that I have been living here in L.A. that I haven't seen much. My previous job had me traveling often, which was great, but I missed the beauty and the excitement in this city I call home. So I started exploring again. I started creating new adventures that I would not have had the time to do before. The small chance I took on myself opened a door to possibilities that I wasn't able to see before.

I also realized I was consuming so much in 2017. I bought so much stuff. A lot of which I didn't need. After looking at my life and really thinking about where I want my journey to take me, I realized my constant need to consume so much was a huge roadblock to my dream. It was also a band aid to feeling down on myself. We have all been there right? "I don't feel good...let's eat!" or my favorite, "I am feeling lonely...Is Banana Republic having a sale?!" In the end my belly was full and I had a some new clothes.

After listening to a great sermon at my church and talking with a trusted friend, I realized I need to realign my priorities. I need to focus on where I want my life to go and stop trying to fill voids that I have no control over. In the coming months I am refocusing on my goals. I have always had an idea of what I wanted my life to look like, but somewhere along the line I stopped my manifestation due to lack of focus. Well, I am focused now.

OK so lets talk about this dress. Yet again, Rebdolls has added something to their line that I can wear for both work and play! I love this dress because it is super feminine. The ruffled sleeves give the dress a softness and the high waistline show off the waist and extenuate my curves. Who wouldn't love this dress?! I wore this dress to work and I received a few compliments. I guess I'm starting the year off with a win!


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