Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Ruffle One-Shoulder Swimsuit: Swimsuits for All 

Okay so it's been a while since I posted anything new. I wanted to be sure I had something that was worth your while. Plus I think it's always important to take time for myself and really reflect on what message I want to bring in each post and overall to The Simple Glamazon. The Simple Glamazon has been a place of refuge for me over the past five years and a place for my followers to find inspiration on fashion, lifestyle and travel.
Color Block Swimsuit: ASOS
 So I'm back! I recently took my annual girls trip with my friends to the Bahamas. Each year during the third week in January we go somewhere new and It's usually a place by a beach. All three of us love the ocean and love the feeling of relaxing on the beach with a delicious cocktail. This was the first time each of us had been to the Bahamas so we were really looking forward to the trip! This was our opportunity to explore the city, explore the sea life, be silly, and relax! Six days of quality girl time. 

Unfortunately when we got there the weather was not ideal for 6 days of beach play. It was relatively colder than expected and extremely windy. As a matter of fact it rained one day! And I am talking torrential downpour! The raindrops were the size of softballs. But, when you're with good company you can always make the time enjoyable. So we spent the rainy day indoors playing games, having amazing cocktails, and being silly. You'd be surprised how silly 35 year old women can be...probably not!

Yellow Swimsuit: Cupshe

Fortunately we were able to get in a day and a half of beach time and one full day at the pool. The beaches in the Bahamas are absolutely stunning. Growing up in Southern California I've always fancied myself a beach girl, however the beaches in the Bahamas are unlike any of the beaches I've ever seen. I've traveled to a few places in the Caribbean (here and here) however the beaches in the Bahamas are absolutely stunning. The water is so blue and the sand is so soft.
High-Waisted Bikini Bottom: Aerie//Scoop Bikini Top: Aerie

On the two days we left the resort we took advantage of the time in town. We explored the Queen's staircase, theRum Cake Factory, John Watling's Rum Distillery, and the local cuisine at the fish fry. I recommend all of these sites if you are able to visit the Bahamas. Plus, The people are amazing! they're so friendly, incredibly welcoming, and are very proud to share their beautiful island with you.
Will I ever go back to the Bahamas? Absolutely! There's so much history and rich culture so one trip will definitely not be enough.

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