Thursday, November 29, 2018

Sleep Crown

Photos by: Tasha D'Arensbourg

In the past year my responsibilities at work have changed significantly. Last November I took a new position that required me to not only elevate my skills but use a different part of my brain. So at the end of each day I am exhausted. I love what I do for a living however, I love sleep even more! Plus, I am a very light sleeper. The slightest bump or noise will usually wake me up. I had been looking for ways to ensure I am getting as much rest as I can. I surrendered to the idea that during the work week I was only going to get between 6 or 4 hours of sleep a night. Which always made for a rough work week.

Recently I discovered a new pillow designed to help you get the best night of rest. Sleep Crown is a pillow designed to block out light and muffle sound. I don't like to sleep at the very top of my mattress but I like to feel like I am so usually put a pillow or two at the top of my head to give the illusion that I'm at the top of the mattress almost touching the headboard. Sleep Crown provides a gentle pressure to the top of my head which gives me the exact same illusion. Hello rest and relaxation!
I'm usually a side sleeper but there are some days when I just want to relax and lay in my bed. This morning I laid in my bed 15 minutes past my alarm trying to dodge the day. I laid in the bed on my back with my Sleep Crown pillow covering my eyes so no light came in and the sound of the rain and the cars passing by were muffled. It was wonderful. Then the second alarm went off and I knew I had to get up.

Here are some additional fun facts about the Sleep Crown pillow!
  • Handmade in Austin, TX
  • Hypoallergenic (Thank goodness because I'm allergic to what feels like EVERYTHING, ugh!)
  • Made of cooling Bamboo Fabric and Vegan Down (This fabric is legit! All of my other pillow cases don't compare. It is actually very cool on my face!)
  • The weight is customizable (There are three pillow cases on the pillow so you can remove however many you like!)
  • Female-Founded (#whoruntheworld)
  • Therapeutic for migraine-sufferers
  • Wonderful for those who sleep with someone who snores
Christmas will be here soon so think about the people in your life who can benefit from a good night's rest. Don't forget to use Promo Code: SIMPLEGLAMAZON for a $10 discount on your purchase!

Happy Sleeping! 
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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Black Friday

Top: JustFab//Jeans: Old Navy//Loafers: Banana Republic//Bag: JustFab
Okay so I'm sure you're being bombarded with a ton of suggestions on where to shop this Christmas season. The Black Friday deals have been coming in since October! I have honestly been thinking, "When is everything going to stop?" Don't get me wrong I love a good sale just like anybody else but, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.

I like to consider myself a well seasoned shopper and because I online shop all throughout the year just to stay ahead of trends, searching for deals is not always my favorite thing to do. Also I try to avoid malls at all cost so the thought of heading to a mall on a crowded Friday evening is just as frightening as sitting in the theater and watching Dateline home alone on a Friday night. 

Nonetheless I know you all are excited to start the process of getting your loved ones amazing gifts for Christmas. I'm super excited about passing gifts out to my friends and family too. I think of myself as the best gift giver! I try to give gifts that are useful. I ask myself what does this person need? Or what is something this person has mentioned in a previous conversation? I want my gifts to be meaningful and useful. 

Here are some places I will be headed to this season to gather wonderful gifts formy friends and family! Happy shopping!

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