Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My Time in Amsterdam

Tunic: Eileen Fisher//Shorts: GlamEnvy//Sneakers: Dr Scholl's//Sunglasses: PERVERSE//Watch: Michael Kors//Handbag: JustFab

The last stop on my European vacation this summer was Amsterdam-the land of windmills and dairies. It is also the land amazing artwork. I had done some research prior to my trip and I found that Amsterdam has a lot street art, so I was on a mission to find some really cool pieces. I guess I should have assumed the city where the Van Gogh Museum is located would have really cool artwork. Even the architecture was funky. There was a mixture of modern with old world buildings that were beautiful. Everything in Amsterdam seemed so progressive and modern. I loved it! 

Just like we did in the previous city, we hit the town as soon as we dropped off our bags. We headed over to the 'I Amsterdam' sign to get the obligatory tourist picture and then wondered around the city. We walked up and down the streets admiring the laid back behaviors of the people. The locals were sitting in cafes drinking coffee, sitting in coffee shops having a....well you know what I mean (WINK WINK), and shopping in the local boutiques. There never seemed to be a rush. Unless, you crossed the path of someone on a bike. Bicycles are the main method of transportation in Amsterdam. When it came to the order of who ran the road, it was bicycles, cars, then pedestrians! We had to look alive and twice before we crossed the street! I was not about to loose my life or a limb because I failed to look both ways. 

I was surprised to see how international the city was. Honestly, I was expecting to see dutch people walking around in wooden shoes...LOL. There was so many different cultures and people from all over the world. Amsterdam is definitely a worldwide melting pot. 

On our second day in Amsterdam we took a bicycle tour around the city and into the countryside. It was stunning. There were open fields, cows and pigs meandering throughout the pastures, a windmill, and so many happy people. Each time we passed the locals while on our bicycle tour they all waved "Hello". Ok, so you know you're not in L.A. when locals waive at tourists! We even stopped at local countryside cafe and grabbed a bite to eat and a beer. Side note-the dutch make a Rosé beer! Umm... YES PLEASE! It was delicious! 

On our final day we took a canal tour  of the city. (I know I know another tour, but don't judge me... I love a tour!) It was beautiful. Amsterdam has so much history and to think that these canals have been there since the beginning was amazing. We also visited the Anne Frank house which was humbling. Getting to walk through the 'bookshelf' and see how these families survived was definitely a reminder of how precious life is and of how much we take granted. 

I now understand the pull Amsterdam has on the masses. The city has a an describable energy that takes over you when you're there. You feel like you're walking around in an alternate universe where everyone is so nice and open minded. This city is definitely a must see on your next European vacation. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

A Day in Bruge

Part of my time in Europe was spent in Bruge. Bruge is a small fishing city in Belgium. Its canal lined cobbled streets make it a perfect city for a spare day in Europe. My cousin and I were planning to go Amsterdam via train, so we figured "Why not stop in Belgium for lunch?" That quickly turned in to lets stay for the day, which of course meant were staying the night in Bruge. 

When we arrived to the hotel, I was so shocked by how quiet the city seemed. Maybe it was because it was mid-morning, or because it was going to rain, but as the day progressed the city grew more and more active. There was so much to see. There was a shop on every corner. 

As we set off in the city we found a bus tour for about 20 euros a person. We thought, "Why not?" and we hopped aboard. It was a 50 minute audio tour while the quirky driver navigated his way through the narrow streets and over the canals. We learned about the history of the city and its roots in chocolate, lace and its main export diamonds. Who knew so much would be packed in the this old city? What I also loved, was that there were swans everywhere! How beautiful, right? Legend has it that the swans were put there as punishment for eternity by Maximilian of Austria. Now to the people of Bruge, the idea of not having swans is considered ludicrous. 

As the day went on we met up with some friends of my cousin and they became our tour guides. We ate at wonderful restaurants, drank great beers, and of course stopped for waffles, chocolate, and candy! I was not about to leave this country without getting a waffle and chocolate! 

There was so much to see in the little city and I was a little bummed I didn't get to spend more time there. But this just means I have a totally legitimate reason to go back! 

Here is a list of the restaurants we dinned at while in Bruge. 
P.S. Did you know fries were created in Belgium and not France? I didn't! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ready for Fall

Dress: c/o ChicSoul//Boots: SMASH Shoes//Clutch: Forver21 (old) Similar Here//Watch: Michael Kors//Earrings: Banana Republic 

Now that we are officially in fall it is time to confess about the color schemes I have been eye-balling since summer. Maroon and Burgundy have been colors I saw coming from a mile away! I was trying to keep my eye out for new styles and trends, but I found myself coming right back to this color. It's sexy, chic, and can easily be paired with so many different options! For this post I wanted to  keep it simple (of course!) and pair it with these tan boots that I am absolutely obsessed with from SMASH Shoes. I plan on pairing this color with navy, army green, and even a mustard yellow. So stay tuned! 

I found this dress at ChicSoul which is another great on-line retailer. I have talked about how much I love on-line retailers before, but let me tell you why ChicSoul is especially wonderful. All of their pieces are very versatile. Which you know is a deal breaker for me. I need to dress it up and down! As I browsed through the site, I saw so many pieces that I could easily add to my closet. The pieces were right on trend. I saw florals, muted colors, in addition to all the pieces speaking to my inner bohemian child. Oh! I forgot to mention the price points! TOTALLY AFFORDABLE! 

I definitely plan on spending more time at the ChicSoul site! Head over and take a look. I can guarantee you will find something you like! AND use code GLAM20 for 20% off your order.
Tell them I sent you! 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Easy Home Teeth Whitening

When I think about my smile I definitely think about how bright I like it to be. I am always laughing or smiling about something, so keeping my smile white and bright is important to me. I am probably the one person on the world who gets excited to go to the dentist for a cleaning. When the hygienist scrapes and polishes my teeth I feel like a new woman! 

When I decided to try Smile Brilliant I was hesitant at first because my smile is pretty white already.  But I figured that it couldn't hurt to have an even whiter I started the process.

Smile Brilliant sent me a package with everything I needed to create customized teeth whitening trays for my teeth.It was so simple. I used the base and catalyst to create the mold of my teeth, then sent it off to Smile Brilliant. They then sent back perfectly customized teeth trays for me to use for whitening. Each night for about 6 weeks I used 1/4 of the whitening gel for both the top and bottom trays. Depending on how my teeth felt I would also use the desensitizing gel to help with tooth sensitivity.  Honestly, at first my teeth were sensitive to temperature so I decided to use the trays every other night, but after week 3 I was absolutely fine. I didn't even need to use the desensitizing gel!It became a routine and every Monday, Wednesday, Friday I used the trays. I was on my way to my brightest smile. 

Now after 6 weeks of the teeth whitening process I am very satisfied with how white my teeth are! I wasn't shy to smile in the first place, but now I am looking for a reason to smile at any and everyone.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Not Your Boyfriends Jeans

Jeans: c/o dressbarn//Bodysuit: Forever21+//Heels: Sam Edelman//Watch: Michael Kors//Handbag: JustFab// Earrings: Banana Republic

I would've never thought I would be in to the current trend of embroidered denim. Well I definitely am! This fall I planned on stocking my wardrobe with as much floral as possible. So the idea of having great floral patches on comfortable jeans makes me one happy lady.

I think I may have received some unexpected inspiration from my trip to Europe. I saw flowers everywhere. In gardens, on tables, in paintings, and on delicious pastries! Maybe the universe is telling me something? Okay I hear you! 

Not only does the floral detail make me happy, but these boyfriend jeans are super soft and at a wallet friendly price point! Whenever I get a new pair of jeans I always take into consideration how long it will take to break them in. Is the price worth it? There is no need to break these in! YAY! And for a whopping $40.00 you have no choice but to buy them. 

Well played dressbarn..well played. 


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Paris Mon Rêve

If you had been following my social media over the last week of August, then you must know that I was in Europe for my birthday! Or you may have read about it in this post.

My cousin and I  took a 10 day adventure to Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam. And when I say adventure, I mean ADVENTURE! For a moment I thought my cousin tried to kill me...death by walking in humidity.There was so much to see in all three cities that I am still constantly thinking about when I can plan my next trip back!

In order to make the trip cost effective we both looked for ways to fly as inexpensive as possible. We searched on sites like Expedia and Justfly, and ultimately we both ended up using flight points we had earned from our credit cards. When it come to accommodations, we were able to stay at friend of my cousin's while they were on vacation too. Accommodations in Paris at no cost? YES PLEASE!! 

So we were off! When each of us landed we met up, settled in, and then hit the streets! The first night we had a nice dinner at a restaurant close to the apartment. It was great to relax from traveling and soak it all in. We sat outside, drank wine, talked with locals and had amazing food.

The second day was when the real trip began! Over the next few days we went to the Arc de TriompheChamps-ÉlyséesPalace of Versailles, took a boat cruise on the Seine River, toured The Louvre, walked up to and walked through the Sacré-Cœur, walked passed the Moulin Rouge, went to the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris, and my favorite, the Dior exhibit at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs! Talk about a collection. My mind was blown by all of the beautiful dresses, shoes, and jackets I saw. It was truley...breathtaking. Also, reading about Christian Dior and his life was so interesting. Looking beyond the fashion to understand the man makes all the amazing designs so much more meaningful. 

While in Paris we ate at some great restaurants too. I don't remember having a bad meal at all. And I must say that I literally had 'Rosé All Day' everyday! There was something about being in Paris that made me feel like I had to have a glass of Rosé in my hand whenever I was sitting at a dinner table! 

Here is a list of the Restaurants we ate at while in Paris
I definitely feel like I could have spent another 10 days in Paris because there was so much to see. Now I have a reason to go back! Next time I plan on taking time to really soak it all in and make myself a part of the city.


Monday, September 11, 2017

Falling For Floral

Dress: ASOS//Shoes: Sam Edelman//Handbag: JustFab//Sunglasses: PERVERSE//Watch: Michael Kors//Earrings: Banana Republic

Labor Day may have marked the end of summer but it has not marked the end of anything floral for me! 

I found this dress on ASOS before my 10 day European vacation. I was planning on wearing it for a nice dinner for my birthday, but I was way too consumed with seeing as much as I could before I left that I completely forgot about it! There it sat in my luggage waiting to be worn and there it stayed. 

What a bummer right? NO!! I have plenty of time to wear this amazing dress! Summer may officially be over according to the calendar, but it's still 90+ degrees in Los Angeles and I plan on wearing this gem until it's cold. 

The floral pattern, ruffle detail, and the opening in the front makes it perfect for a night out on the town. 


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dream Birthday

Dress: Forever21+(similar)//Sandals: Sam Edelman//Sunglasses: PERVERSE//Watch: Michael Kors//Earrings: Banana Republic//Necklace: Old 

As you probably already know, each year I like to take a Birthday vacation and escape the pressures of throwing a party or planning a dinner with friends. I always feel like there is so much pressure when the day should be about me. I am constantly checking on people or wondering if anyone will show up. Call me selfish or self centered, but I figure since I spend 364 days of the year (or 365 in a leap year) not focusing solely on me, why not take one day to myself?! Well, in this case...10 days.

I was recently traveling through Europe with one of my cousins and our first stop was Paris. Now, when I think of Paris I of course think of the Eiffel Tower and all its glory and beauty. And since Paris is the center for anything artistic in the world, why not make the Eiffel Tower the place to have my dream birthday shoot?!! 

So we got up early one morning and headed over to the Trocadero and started shooting. Since this is a prime tourist attraction we anticipated a lot of people meandering in and out of our shots. However, the other tourist were respectful of our vision and walked around us. The men trying to sell us Eiffel Tower trinkets...not so much. 

In the end we got our shots and my dream birthday shoot came true! I was floating for the rest of the day! 


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