Monday, September 21, 2020

Formulate your Hair

For the last few years I've wanted to change my hair. I have been wearing the same style for about 6 years and I was struggling with growth because I was putting SO MUCH HEAT on it! I decided I was going to put much less heat and way chemicals and start wearing a more natural look. So, when COVID-19 hit and we all were required to stay home and work from home,  I decided there was no better time to do so. I've tried so many shampoos and conditioners to clean my scalp and hair so when Formulate reached out I was more than happy to try! And I'm so glad I did!

I've tried so many shampoos and conditioners to manage my dermatitis but most of them just made it worse. A lot of shampoos and conditioners have sulfates and parabens that are detrimental to the health of my scalp and my hair. The beauty of Formulate is that it's customized for exactly what you need. I was able to choose the ingredients for my products as well as the sent! I am partial to shampoos and conditioners that have a beautiful strong scent but that can be a struggle when you're looking for products that are going to help make your hair and scalp healthy. Those scalp cleaning shampoos usually smell like chemicals. YUCK. 
So, after two full weeks of using the products I am more than happy to say I'm a huge fan!  After each wash my scalp feels so clean and my hair is so soft! As a matter of fact, after I shampoo I've never felt my hair softer. 
The process is incredibly easy. You'll download the app, answer about 10 questions, and within a week you'll have your very own shampoo and conditioner. You can even set-up your subscription for auto-shipping. Which is perfect if you are an everyday washer! It's just way too easy! I have to say my favorite question I answered was based on the climate where I live. I never really thought about how the air quality would affect my hair. But now I will definitely consider it moving forward.

So now it's your turn! I'v partnered with Formulate to give one of my readers their very own set of products! Click here to enter a giveaway! You have until October 19th to enter!

I'm so excited to hear about your results, so make sure you enter! Good luck!


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