Wednesday, April 18, 2018

New Workout with Lola Getts

At the end of March I decided to change my workout routine. I've been doing the same workout for a while and I think my body needed a break from my usual routine. So I decided to start walking...a little running and hiking, but walking for sure!  It sounds simple but walking is one of the best workouts you can do. It's easy on your joints and packs a huge punch!

Top: c/o: Lola Getts// Legging: c/o Lola Getts// Sunnies: Perverse//Earrings: Loren Hope

In November I started a new job and because of the location I started taking public transportation.  Since November I have been walking more out of necessity to and from the train station. I started to see a change in my body one month into the new job, so I decided that this was something I needed to do more of. I'm not on a mission to loose weight, but being healthy is something that's very important to me. I make sure I eat well and stay active.

I recently discovered a premium workout clothing brand called Lola Getts. Lola Getts is a workout brand dedicated to sizes 14 and up. The pieces are perfect for the curvy woman who likes to workout or for the curvy woman who wants to start something new. Hear me when I tell you that I love love love these pieces! They are made so well and made with so much intelligence. The fabric is strong and I feel so secure. One thing I hate but have gotten used to is feeling jiggly in workout gear. The 'Perfect Pant' is the best compression legging I have ever had. I literally slid them on and said aloud to myself, "OH YES!"I am super excited that I have discovered this amazing brand.

I plan on finishing my month of walking with a bang and in my new workout clothes! I also plan on getting these in more colors!


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Springtime Florals

Dress: c/o DressBarn//Sandals: Sam Edelman//Earrings: Loren Hope//Watch: Michael Kors//Handbag: JustFab

To say that florals are a staple for spring is an understatement. Nonetheless we find ourselves decked out in florals every spring. But why should we be in anything else? Floral prints are the exact representation of what spring is! Flowers have blossomed, butterflies have metamorphosed, and birds are chirping. 

I love that his dress is off the shoulder! The weather in L.A. is always hot during spring, so anything that will give me an advantage to beating the heat is lovely. Not to mention, chiffon will allow for a cool breeze to pass through.(WINK WINK) I also love that this dress is so flirty and feminine. Whenever I find anything that is overtly feminine I jump all over it. 

Spring will end mid June but I plan to wearing this dress well into the summer too! 


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Playful Polka Dots

Dress: DressBarn//Sandals: Sam Edelman//Earrings: Banana Republic
Watch: Michael Kors//Handbag: Justfab

Things are finally starting to warm up here in L.A. It was cold and raining for longer than Angelenos are used to and people were starting to get antsy. It's been a very slow commencement to the spring season. 

For this season I've really been into the polka dot trend. Polka dots are so fun and lively, so bringing in a new season with a spirited print is perfect. This easy to wear dress with a keyhole cut-out in the back is the perfect playful polka dot dress I'll be wearing throughout the spring season. 


Monday, April 9, 2018

Tampa Bay Recap

Let me tell you about my recent trip to Tampa, FL. One of my girlfriends moved there about a year ago for her career. Each time one of my friends moves to another city, I make a point to go visit once they have been there for about a year. I want to make sure they're fully settled in, so they are equipped to show me around! 

As soon she picked me up from the airport we were off to the beach! It was a bit overcast but that didn’t stop us. When you’re in Florida, being at the beach is a must! She first took me to Indian Rocks Beach which was quiet and perfect for my first day. We stopped at CafĂ© de Paris to get a pastry as we sat on the beach chatting at catching up. I must point out that the sand was filled with shells so was a little harder to walk through, but the good news is that the shells didn’t hurt my feet. Thank goodness!

Swimsuit Top: ASOS// Swimsuit Bottoms: ASOS 

Later that night we had a beautiful dinner at Sea Salt in St. Petersburg. This seafood restaurant is in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg. The ambiance is beautiful, and the service is amazing. The waitress was able to make great recommendations and we were both happy with our meals. We drank wine, laughed and ate until we were stuffed! If I lived in St. Petersburg this would be a perfect place for date night with that someone special. Here is my Yelp review with pictures of our meals.

We started off day two with a workout and after the workout we headed to Oxford Exchange for brunch. I had seen this restaurant prior to the trip so I was looking forward to trying the menu. I was happily surprised when we arrived. The vibe was a combination of a library bar and a vintage restaurant. Oh! And there is a gift shop in the front that sells candles, books, cards, silverware, and paintings…just to name a few! The staff was dressed impeccability and the service was amazing. I was hoping the drinks would be a little stronger, but the food was good. I would give my steak frites a B+. I wish the chef would’ve done something special to make the dish standout, but there wasn’t anything too special about it. It was good though. Next time I go back I’ll try something new.
Downtown St. Petersburg is known for having some incredible graffiti art. There are murals and beautiful paintings throughout the streets, so on day two we were on a mission to find as much as we can. I was so amazed by how much the city has embraced this art form! We walked through the streets and walked in to the shops and took in the surroundings of this lovely neighborhood. There was also a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game going on, so the people were out! It was nice to see the locals enjoying their city and living it up. While were walking through downtown St. Pete we stopped into a restaurant and juice bar called Bodega. Bodega mainly serves Cuban food, like sandwiches, salads, Cuban coffee and pastries, but we stopped in the side shop for juice. It was perfect for the humid afternoon we were battling through as we explored downtown St. Petersburg.
Jeans: Old Navy//Top: Old Navy//Sandals: Target//Sunglasses: Perverse 

We spent my final day at Clearwater Beach. The weather was perfect. It was 80 degrees and clear skies. There was a breeze that blew at the right times, so we never felt like we were getting too hot. I enjoyed Clearwater the most. It was a picturesque vision of what a beach should be. We laid in the sand and in soaked in the sun.

Swimsuit: ASOS

My weekend getaway in Tampa was a perfection. I was looking forward to a low-key weekend of rest and relaxation with a good girlfriend and that is exactly what it was. There was no pressure to doo too much or too little, just be in the world. At the beach of course!


Thursday, April 5, 2018

A Pirates Life for Me

Swimsuit Top: ASOS// Swimsuit Bottoms: ASOS 

This past weekend I was in Tampa visiting one of my girlfriends. This mini vacation definitely called for a new swimsuit. This was a short weekend getaway and I didn't want to spend too much money on a swimsuit I was only going to wear once over the weekend, so I headed to one of my favorite on-line retailers ASOS for the this treasure. 

It's no surprise that I look for any reason to put on a swimsuit. I don' t really care about the time of year either. If the weather and the location calls for it I am down! When I first saw this swimsuit I thought, "Well this is perfect." Black and white stripes are not only on trend, but are also giving me real pirate vibes for the land of the buccaneer. When I think of Tampa, the first thing that comes to mind is Pirates! I mean the NFL team in Tampa are the  The Buccaneers for goodness sake. Not to mention I learned that Tampa hosts the annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival, which is a fun filled weekend of swashbuckling, rum drinking, and muck running. Yes please....COUNT ME IN!

This swimsuit is super simple (which you know I love!) and extremely comfortable. I didn't feel like I was letting it all hang out either. As much as I love a great swimsuit I feel no need to show off all of my goods. 

All in all I had a wonderful time in Tampa. It was relaxing and refreshing. Sometimes just hanging out in a different setting is just the medicine you need to prevent a potential burn out. 


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