Monday, February 29, 2016


Lately I've been dreaming about redecorating my bedroom. I've had the same color scheme for a few years, so I think it's time to change things up. When I thumb through magazines I'm always pulled towards designs with all white and flashy accent colors. Honestly, its not far from what I have now, so I guess it's time to change my accent colors then???

I have always liked gold accents with white. My true inner home designer would love all things gaudy and walk right up to the line of being tacky! I have to force myself to hold back! LOL!!

Below are some items that have provided great inspiration to what is to come! Wish me luck!
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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Red In The Streets

Happy Saturday Glamazons!

Putting on a blazer makes me feel like a boss. During the work week I wear a blazer and slacks or a suit to work. However, sometimes on the weekends I like to carry that vibe over. It makes me feel like I will command attention when I go out.

Usually on the weekends I am running errands or meeting a friend for lunch and some Saturday afternoon shopping, but I still like throwing on a great blazer because it instantly dresses the simplest out up!
 photo Courtney_zpsa7ea05a2.png
Blazer: NY&CO.//Tank: Old (Similar HERE)//Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy//Handbag: JustFab//
Heels: JustFab//Watch: Michael Kors//Earrings: Claire's Old (Similar HERE)//Sunglasses: Express//Toenail Polish: Just Beclaus by O.P.I.//Nail Polish: Don't Bossa Nova Me Around by O.P.I.//Lip Stain: SEPHORA

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sunshine and Pink

Spring is comin'! The sun has been out and the temps are risin'! Is it just me, or are you ready for springtime too?!! I love love love spring!! It makes me want to stay out during the day and take evening walks. I have to admit that being in Southern California does make seasonal transitions easier than other places, but spring and summer are MY FAVS!! 

I found this great dress from GlamEnvy and the color is amazing! Pink and florals just scream spring, so I figured I would jump into spring at the top of my lungs! HHEELLOO SSPPRRIINNGG!!! 

What color screams spring to you? 
Dress: GlamEnvy//Pumps: Calvin Klein//Sunglasses: H&M//Earring: Old (Similar HERE) //Watch: Michael Kors// Nail Polish: Dont Bossa Nove Me Around by O.P.I.//Lip Stain: SEPHORA 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Oscar Night Prep

As we get ready for Oscar night, here are a few items you will need for a Oscar Party with close friends! I hope you all have a fun filled night and all your favorite movies win!

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Keepin' It Neutral

Usually as I transition into spring I look for bright colors that are fun and perfect for brunch or a tea with the girls. But, for some reason I have been really into neutrals lately. The amount of grey in my closet has increased and I am completely OK with it. 

I guess the reason why I love grey so much is because it goes with so much! You can throw on a grey sweater, slacks, or something like this great dress from Forever21+. Of course I like to glam my grey up in a curve-hugging bodycon dress, but nonetheless grey works with just about anything! 
 photo Courtney_zpsa7ea05a2.png
Dress: Forever21+//Booties: OLD(Similar Here)//Tote: JustFab//Watch: Michael Kors//Sunglasses: The LOFT//Lip Stain: SEPHORA//Nail Polish: Dont Bossa Nova Me Around by O.P.I.//Toenail Polish: Just Beclaus by O.P.I.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Military Inspired

Olive green is a color that I love! My couch is olive green and I have a closet with many pieces in this color family! Muted colors are great for the transition into spring because the pieces can be used in so many different ways.

I paired this great jacket with all black and gold accessories and the military feel gives the simplicity of all black a slight edge. I also plan on pairing it with so many different pieces in my closet! Floral dresses, all white, or even red and denim! I can't wait!
 photo Courtney_zpsa7ea05a2.png

Jacket: Banana Republic// Jeans: Old Navy//Pumps: Calvin Klein//
Necklace: BaubleBar//Earrings: Gorjana//Watch: Michael Kors//
Nail Polish: Taupe-Less Beach by O.P.I.//Lip Stain: SEPHORA

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gal-entines Day Gifts

OK, so we know Valentines can be tough for those of us who are single, but why not use it as a reason spend some much needed time with your best girlfriends! When I think of girl time, I think of lying around in luscious robes drinking spiced tea or coffee, trying out new make-up all the while chatting it up about the latest nonsense in the gossip mags.

Every girl likes a little R&R and some juicy girl talk, so here are some great gift ideas for your best girlfriends that will show how much you appreciate them and the time you spend together!
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spring is Coming

Since the groundhog didn't see his shadow it looks like spring will be coming early this year! 

Although I was looking forward to having a few more weeks of cool weather, I have to say that seeing the sun when I wake is great. The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. YAY! When the weather starts to change and our days get longer I get excited because I get to pull out all of my pastels and what I like to call my garden clothes. To me spring means tea parties, garden parties, and luncheons with my girlfriends. I am hoping I'll attend a few this spring! 
 photo Courtney_zpsa7ea05a2.png
 Dress: GlamEnvy// Sandals: Sam Edelman//Clutch: Kate SpadeBangles: H&M//Watch: Michael Kors//Nail Polish: Taupe-Less Beach by O.P.I.//Toe Nail Polish: Bastille My Heart by O.P.I.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Navy and White

So let me tell you about this sweater. We all know I love a deal, but this was a super deal! I mean, its a week later and I am still talking about it. 

I was working in San Francisco last week and whenever I'm in The City I try to sneak in a little shopping. So this trip I stopped by the Flagship Banana Republic in San Francisco because I saw a sign out front that said "All Womens Clothes 60% off". I always start at the sale rack when I am in Banana Republic because their clothes are perfect for most seasons, and in southern California its nice to have a great sweater for the occasional chilly day. 

When we got to the store, I literally heard angles singing. I mean I was so excited to see the store was so big and I had so much ground to cover! So we looked around and when I asked about the sale items, the sales girl clarified that all sale items were an additional 60% off! There were stars in my eyes! I continued to look around and then the another sales girl came around and mentioned the Sale Room! My heart skipped a beat! Long story short I ended up getting 2 sweaters and a great olive green top and I only spend around $70! This sweater rang up at the register fro $7.76! can you believe it??? Even the girl at register was shocked! I gotta say, I love a deal and Banana Republic keeps them coming! 
 photo Courtney_zpsa7ea05a2.png

Sweater: Banana Republic//Jeans: Old Navy//Boots: Naturalizer//
Cross body: JustFab//Watch: Michael Kors//Earrings: Old//Nail Polish: Taupe-Less Beach by OPI

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Olive Dress

There has been so much going on lately that it has made me think about how precious life is. We only get one chance to have a great life, and we need to try our hardest not to take any of it for granted. We should tell our loved ones we love them, be grateful for the things we have, and the things we don't. Life is too short to have regrets, so live each day like it is the last!

Take care of yourselves Glamazons.
 photo Courtney_zpsa7ea05a2.png

Dress: GlamEnvy//Sandals: Tesori (Sold Out but Similar here) //Necklace: H&M (old) //Earrings: Gorjana//Watch: Michael Kors//Nail Polish: Taupe-Less Beach By OPI// Toe Nail Polish: Bastille my Heart by OPI

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