Saturday, July 6, 2019

Summertime Shopping

Is it just me or have you been looking forward to the summer all year long. This year in Los Angeles we've hide a lot of rain and I have been looking forward to swimsuit season since January.  It felt like we were having a monsoon for three months! I know I know that is completely an exaggeration however for a Southern California girl, one drop of rain on the ground means we all need to pull out our parkas!


Recently I've been taking advantage of summer sales at a few of my favorite online clothing stores via EBates.  If you're unfamiliar EBates, here's how it works. You shop at your favorite stores and get cash back! It's that simple. It's free to sign up and if you're already doing most of your shopping online then this is perfect for you. The best part is, if you already have accounts with your favorite retailers all you have to do is log-in to your account from the EBates website or the app. Plus, you can always take advantage of the sale the retailer is having at the time! And each quarter you get a nice check, direct deposit, or PayPal deposit from EBates! Viola!  

Honestly, I was super skeptical at first but I figured why not and took a chance. When I got my check for $10 at the end of three months, I was shocked! IT WORKED! So, if you are interested in checking out EBates, take it from me....It is worth it! 

Here is a list of my favorite places to shop via EBates...but you can honestly search just about anything! 
  • ASOS
  • Banana Republic
  • Old Navy
  • Target (I know right!? I use my RedCard too!) 
  • Shein
  • Lane Bryant 
  • Soma
  • Foot Locker 
Happy shopping and let me know when you get your first check! 


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