Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Denim Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Forever21+//Booties: ABOUND//Sunglasses: LOFT//Earrings: 14th & Union//Nail Polish: Malaga Wine//Toe Nail Polish: ORLY //Watch: Michael Kors//Bracelet: Keep Collective//Necklace: H&M//Lipstick: SEPHORA

I found this jumpsuit at Forever21+ a few weeks ago, but I had to wait to get it from the tailor.  I am not sure if I mentioned it previously, but a lot of what I post has been tailored to fit me perfectly! Although I love my body, most clothes do not come to fit my big hips and small waist. So, my best practice and advice for my glamazons is to find a great tailor! 

I bought this jumpsuit one size too big to fit my hips how I liked, then had my tailor take it in the the bust...and VOILA! The perfect fitting jumpsuit! I understand that some people don't want to spend the money and time on tailoring; however once you find a great tailor and your clothes fit they way they should you will ALWAYS have your clothes tailored to fit perfectly! Think of it this way: You have your own custom clothes! 
 photo Courtney_zpsa7ea05a2.png


  1. Wonderful sense of style, you look great!

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  3. This fits you perfectly just like everything else!!!! Now I know your secret! Thanks for sharing!

  4. love ur outfit! u look great!



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