Sunday, September 8, 2019

Back to Basics...Again

Bodysuit: ASOS //Jeans: ASOS Curve//Belt: Louis Vuitton//
Handbag: Saint Laurent //SandalsSam Edelman

Tomorrow I go back to work after being away for two weeks. It's been an interesting time away. In my previous post I mentioned going away for my birthday and this year I didn't. I challenged myself to stay home and spend time with myself. I've decided I don't wanna do that anymore. least not so much time by myself.  Now, don't get me wrong  nobody loves me more than me, but I probably should have gone somewhere with the amount of time I time took. Welp, when we know better, we do better. 

Here's something I did do while I was away from work...I did things I wanted to do that nobody was really interested in. I went to a couple of museums, worked out, and I bought myself something  nice. So I can't complain.

The good news is that tomorrow I go back to basics. Or back to reality? Back to my normal routine of my nine to five work schedule with clear expectations of what my weeks will look like.
Cheers to the basics!


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