Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The New Normal

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So what's the new normal? I've often considered what this new normal is going to look like moving forward. What's it going to look like for single parents, families with multiple children, or single people? I mean I can definitely imagine what the grocery store outings will look like moving forward.  Probably not much different than what they are now. But my main concern is how are we all going to interact with each other? What will socializing look like when we're able to socialize again?

I'v also considered what getting dressed is going to look like. Currently my new normal has been nothing but lounge outfits and leggings.  I'm definitely not complaining however, prior to the quarantine my leggings were mainly for the gym. I never wore them as an everyday outfit, unless maybe they were my favorite bike shorts from lola getts that I dressed up with a blazer or over sized sweater. 

So this is my new normal. Bralettes and leggings with the occasional switch out of my bike shorts!  And I'm not mad at it! Now I understand why athleisure has been so popular in the last few years. It's comfortable AF!

So be prepared if you see in the streets this will be my uniform until otherwise notified. LOL! 


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