Monday, April 6, 2015

Pacific Cove in GabiFresh

It has taken 29 years for me to be 100% comfortable with my body, and I have to say that I have ARRIVED HONEY!!

Unfortunately, women spend way too much time thinking about what others will say about what they have on, especially in a swimsuit! I am here to remind you all that no matter what size you are, you are FABULOUS!!! Don't let the ideals and expectations of others set a standard for your life. If you love you, everyone else will too!

Here are some pictures from an impromptu photo shoot Saturday at the beach with the girls!
 photo Courtney_zpsa7ea05a2.png
Swimsuit: Swimsuits for All x GabiFreshSunglasses: Forever21
Earrings: 14th & Union (similar)PhotoCredit: @smontes83


  1. Powerful post, Courtney! Congrats. Love the color and the style of this bathing suit! looks great on you!

  2. Love this suit! The color is phenominal. You look beautiful!


  3. Love your bathing suit! You look great! XO

  4. This post is amazing You looks great in this beautiful pink swimsuit.


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