Thursday, April 27, 2017

Another Place to Shop

Top: Shein//Jeans: Old Navy//Sandals: JustFab//Handbag: JustFab//Sunglasses: QUAY 

One of my favorite things about shopping on-line is that there are so many retailers out there to choose from. You definitely have to use caution when doing so but still...SO MANY! An on-line retailer I've recently been into is What I like about this retailer is that their prices are very fiscally friendly! And, they have everything from dresses and rompers, to hats, shoes and sunglasses! I was in the need for some new tops to add to my wardrobe and a friend recommended By the time I was done browsing I had a cart full of pieces totaling less than 100 bucks! Not bad right? I was sold. 

Now, I do have to caution you to REALLY read the descriptions and sizing info. The pieces do run a bit small so read carefully. The return policy is not bad either! Out of the five tops I bought I returned three. The return process was easy and free. Click and print the return label. I was refunded all of my money within 10 days of the return. 

When I saw this top I new it would be perfect for the rest of spring and well into summer. Plus, the fact that it fits me like a crop top is the icing on this blue and white striped cake! I knew it would be great with white jeans, shorts or overalls! YES OVERALLS! 

I definitely recommend browsing through and looking for something that will make you look glamorous for spring. If you are a serious on-line shopper like I am I urge you to use caution when purchasing and always make sure you look into the return policies. Getting a package in  the mail is all fun and games until what you have been dreaming about doesn't fit. But have fun with it! I always do. 



  1. the top looks great on u and those pants look fantastic on u too. U have a really gorgeous shape and I love how u glammed this up with those heels. U look beautiful. x x x

  2. oh I forgot to say your belly is hot too. id like to kiss on it. ;) ;) x x


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