Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Suit that Set Me Free

Swimsuit: Aerie//Sunnies: Quay//Watch: Michael Kors//Earrings: Gorjana

Spring has sprung so I guess that means it's time to get your swimsuits out, right? There are so many women I know who hate swimsuit season. Even when I say the word, "swimsuit" I can see the hair on the back of their necks stand up. I always try to remind them that being in a swimsuit should be liberating! No matter what your body type is, you should feel free. Being free in my own skin is one of the best feelings ever. 

Now, I would be lying if I said that I woke up every morning feeling confident and free. I surely don't. But I try to stay active and live a balanced lifestyle which helps promote my confidence. I recently completed my 3rd round of Whole30. Two years ago a friend of mine introduced me to Whole30 and I have tried to incorporate it into my lifestyle since. Whole30 is not meant to be sustainable, but it is meant to bounce your body back into its natural state. In a nutshell it is 30 days with no sugar, no dairy, no legumes, and no grains. Sounds nuts, right!? When I first attempted this, two years ago, I thought to myself, "No cheese? I can't!" But the 30 days went by so fast that by the end I didn't have a desire for much diary. 

Fast forward 2 years and I've completed Whole30 for the third time. Honestly this time around it felt harder and I didn't have the same results as I did previously but I feel amazing. And THAT is what it is about. Confidence is all in how you feel and I feel free.  No one can take that away from me because I earned it. 

For me there is nothing better than finding a great swimsuit that helps to display my confidence. This gem is from Aerie. I bought it back in January for a vacation and never wore it. The good news is that it is ON SALE currently! Here's what I love: I'm able to adjust the straps tight or loosen them when I need to. There is plenty of room in the places I need it and it's super comfy! Comfy, cute, and easy to wear. What else do you need?? 

When you look for new swimsuits be sure to look for something that will promote your confidence and help you feel free. 
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  1. Dang though you have such a nice body. ;) x x x


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