Monday, May 6, 2019

Yoga Pants with Lola Getts

 Leggings: c/o Lola Getts 

This year I am focusing on trying to realign myself and my priorities. I started to realize when certain things in my life that I can control are aligned or in order, the things I would like to control will most likely align as well. So I started going to yoga 2 or 3 times a week. I originally started going to yoga because I needed something that would help me de-stress. I didn't realize that I would learn so much about myself and find a lot of parallels with practicing yoga and life.

In class they remind us that we are there for a reason. We are there to help heal ourselves from within and to allow ourselves to go through the journey. Everybody's journey is so different. There are good days and bad days. Days when I feel like I can go in there and hit every posture perfectly and there are days when I go in and feel like it's a struggle to even walk through the door. All in all it has truly been a journey. I've seen my anxiety lessen and I've seen a difference in how I handle specific situations. I'm not a calm person by nature so 90 minutes 2 or 3 times a week really gives me a space to focus and allow myself to relax.

Now I would be crazy if I said I didn't think thoroughly about what I put on each time I went to yoga. Lately I have been wearing nothing but my favorite leggings from  Lola Getts. They are so comfortable and the fit is unreal. The quality is insane and they're so versatile. I've been wearing them for all of my workouts and even on the weekends. They ALWAYS have really cute patterns. Recently I have been obsessed with the black metallic leggings and my pink pair! I have been wearing them all over town. OH! And I also really love my Cabernet pair!  I LITERALLY wash them twice a week so I can wear them to two different workouts! You may have heard me say this on Instagram but I absolutely love these leggings! If you are looking for top quality workout clothes then this is the brand for you. When have you ever seen  plus athleisure that is not only fashionable, high quality, and functional!!??

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  1. Really amazing yoga pant. I love it especially the color combination is lovely and the fabric seems qualitative quality. I added it to my wishlist. I want to order now but recently bought yoga pant form Now I cant buy it right now I have to be patient and will buy it later.
    Thanks for showcasing a great poncho.


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