Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Birthday Vacation

Over the past week I took some time off to celebrate my birthday. I am very fortunate to work for a company that requires their employees to take days off of work each year! WOO HOO! I use that time each year to celebrate myself and take a week to myself.

I spent time with my aunt and went to Zumba and Line-Dancing class with her, went to happy hour and saw a movie, went to PaintNite, and went to another happy hour, all the while having great meals and great wine! 

I have to say that the best of my week was PaintNite! If you’ve never done this before I totally recommend it! It was SO MUCH fun! My friend Sara took me to a little cafĂ© in Encino that was holding the event and we had a blast. PaintNite is not a “How To” painting class, but it is a structured painting class for a specific picture. The facilitator shows you what to do, but gives you free range on how you would like to paint the image! And, at the end you get a lovely picture to take home!

The half-way point
Hard at work 
The finished product! 

Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy
T-Shirt: Hanes
Sandals: Steve Madden-Old (Similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: Claires-Old (Similar
Nail Polish: OPI Red 
Getting older each year is always bitter sweet because I look back at what was and then wonder about what will be. Now that I am officially in my 30s, am trying to look forward to what can be and what will be! Here’s to what will be in my 31st year!

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