Sunday, March 30, 2014


As The Simple Glamazon, I look for opportunities to get great items that fit into my budget! I recently discovered warehouse sales! Warehouse sales are a great place to get items from some of your favorite designers at a great price. Usually the items are from the previous season, but if you look hard enough you will find some items you can use all year long.

This past Friday, two of my closest friends and I made the long journey from L.A. all the way out to Corona, CA. Ok it’s not that much of a journey, but in L.A. time 60 miles means 2 hours in a car. Thank God I had good company! This was my second TOMS warehouse sale, and again it was a doozie! At each warehouse sale you have find the boxes with your size, dig through boxes of shoes, then when you find something make sure it fits! Sometimes you find things you like, and sometimes you don’t. I don’t usually have a problem finding something I like.


The great thing about wearing TOMS, is that the company does so much for others. For each pair of shoes you purchase, you are giving a pair of shoes to someone in need. After some additional research, I have discovered that the money is not only going towards shoes, but also clean water, medical care, and education. Often times we take for granted simple things in life, like clean water, but something as easy as purchasing a pair of shoes can help so many. How AWESOME is that! Take a look at the website if you are interested in HOW IT WORKS.

Check out this great website where you can find some warehouse sales in your area!

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