Thursday, July 14, 2016

Red Hot on the Beach


As each summer comes and eventually goes, I realize I am getting more and more obsessed with swimsuits! I literally look forward to searching for new swimsuits all the time. Maybe it has to do with all of the options that are available? I mean, until recently there weren't too many cute and affordable options for swimsuits if you were over a size 10. Now, my options are endless! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! 


Swimsuit: Swim Suits For All By Ashley Graham//Tunic Button Down: Single Dress Plus//Sunnies: H&M//Earrings: Dylan Gray (Additional Options Here!)

1 comment

  1. Its actually insane that im the first person to comment on this. You look STUNNING!! Stunning as in: lets-go-to-the-room-and-have-some-fun-stunning!!! WOW!!! ;) X X X


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