Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Classic Luxury

Dress: Old (Similar HERE) //Scarf: Versace//Sandals: Report// Earrings: Forever21 
Sunglasses: LeSpecs

So there has always been some controversy around having luxury items. I use the term controversy because some people love it and some people are not interested at all. I happen to love it! However, I like to have luxury items within reason. I don't need every single designer bag or the hottest pair of shoes, but I do appreciate having a few classic pieces in my wardrobe that can be paired with anything and will stand the test of time.

Take this scarf for example. It is a classic Versace scarf that can be paired with anything. Which is why I love it. This dress was less than $30 from Target and I've had it for years! So when I paired it with this designer scarf the outfit completely changed. Honestly, the real reason I wore the scarf with this dress was because I was going into the Duomo in Milan and had to have my shoulders covered! They really make you follow the rules in Italy! 

Here's are some tips when buying luxury items: 

1) Look for pieces that are classic and will always be in style. Although trends are great for the time being, having pieces that are truly classic will make your purchase worth it. I have two aunts who have designer bags from 1983 that they still carry today! Specifically, one has the classic Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 and the other has a classic Gucci Boston Bag that everybody is fighting to get their hands today. When both of them made the purchases it was still considered a luxury purchase, but $500 in 1983 is a lot better then the $1700 or more today. But you get my point right? Buy a luxury item you can keep forever.

2) If you ever have the chance to travel internationally take advantage of the currency exchange. All of my luxury pieces I've bought internationally. Sometimes the cost of purchasing the item outside of the U.S. is totally worth the money you save. Plus you get a vacation out of it and your taxes back at customs! Do your research before you go and calculate the cost of your item. I have saved so much money over the years by purchasing internationally. 

3) Don't be afraid to buy something  pre-loved. There are a lot of  sellers who have items that may peak your interest. Always look for a good condition pre-loved item if you can. A lot of times the item will be listed much cheaper than you planned to spend. There are many ways to save money when purchasing luxury items so look for things that have been pre-loved to save some coins! 

Buying luxury items will always be a thing. So, look for ways to make classic purchases on items you will have forever.
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