Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Easy Home Teeth Whitening

When I think about my smile I definitely think about how bright I like it to be. I am always laughing or smiling about something, so keeping my smile white and bright is important to me. I am probably the one person on the world who gets excited to go to the dentist for a cleaning. When the hygienist scrapes and polishes my teeth I feel like a new woman! 

When I decided to try Smile Brilliant I was hesitant at first because my smile is pretty white already.  But I figured that it couldn't hurt to have an even whiter smile...so I started the process.

Smile Brilliant sent me a package with everything I needed to create customized teeth whitening trays for my teeth.It was so simple. I used the base and catalyst to create the mold of my teeth, then sent it off to Smile Brilliant. They then sent back perfectly customized teeth trays for me to use for whitening. Each night for about 6 weeks I used 1/4 of the whitening gel for both the top and bottom trays. Depending on how my teeth felt I would also use the desensitizing gel to help with tooth sensitivity.  Honestly, at first my teeth were sensitive to temperature so I decided to use the trays every other night, but after week 3 I was absolutely fine. I didn't even need to use the desensitizing gel!It became a routine and every Monday, Wednesday, Friday I used the trays. I was on my way to my brightest smile. 

Now after 6 weeks of the teeth whitening process I am very satisfied with how white my teeth are! I wasn't shy to smile in the first place, but now I am looking for a reason to smile at any and everyone.


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